Luxe Milonga — the new all-night milonga in Portland! Come join Remanda Xiang and Jenna Rohrbacher at this fresh, modern, and fun event!

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About Meng Wang (Feb. 26th DJ)

We are thrilled to have Meng Wang from Vancouver, BC, (a rockstar DJ, performer, and social dancer, formerly of the LA tango community), as our DJ for the our first Portland all-nighter Luxe Milonga!

Meng Wang is a DJ for the dancers. Being a very active social dancer himself, he takes pride in providing rhythm, energy as well as emotional depth to the dancers on the floor. His early DJ influence came from none other than the two maestros of musicality, Horacio Godoy and Chicho Frumboli; both spent a lot of time lecturing Meng on how to play the right music for the dance floor when he first started DJing.

Meng Wang has been the DJ for major tango festivals such as the Los Angeles SMITH Tango Festival as well as Palm Spring Tango Festival. In 2011, he is also scheduled to DJ for Vantango Festival and Tango Live Festival in Vancouver.