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DJ: Burak Ozkosem from Montreal for Oct. 29th Luxe Milonga

To those luxe milonga supporters & fans, sorry that we disappointed you with our canceled July event! Here’s the good news:

  •  Jenna, ex-Luxe milonga co-owner,  has decided to pursue her career and life in NY for a while. However,  Our wonderful rapper and tango dancer/teacher Momo Smitt has decided to join Luxe milonga with me to continue creating unique, refreshing & luxury experience for all of you who come to Luxe milonga! Welcome Momo!!
  • Luxe milonga is going to happen again on Oct. 29th (5th Saturday of Oct) at a brand new location with beautiful wood floor, huge space, chatting/social room, coat room, kitchen…etc. 
  • This time we are going to have Burak Ozkosem from Canada Montreal be our special DJ for the night!!!!!
Here is Burak’s Bio:

Burak Ozkosem, El Turco is recognized for his creative and expressive style and his bold and sensitive interpretations of both traditional tango music and the eclectic, non-traditional music that he incorporates into his djing and instructional repertoire.

He is a popular and attentive teacher. His current focus is to develop Tango Nuevo analysis methodology to understand and teach the essence of Argentine Tango more effectively to different populations in North America. Though he is considered a virtuoso of “Tango Nuevo”, in his dancing Burak is not adding anything new or “modern” to Tango. Every movement he uses is taken strictly from the Tango vocabulary. He respects the music and responds in the traditional places; his syncopa, or rhythm, is flawless. What he does is deconstruct the usual tango marcado (marking) and reconstruct it in his own surprising way. Burak’s nontraditional use of the vocabulary prompts curiosity, and inspiration for other dancers.

He is the creator of prestigious Tango events in North America like Tango Joven Festival 2006-2007, Chicago Tango Week 2008-2009, Miami Beach Tango Marathon. He also co-founded the ARTango Center in Chicago, and his current project with Kristine Berg, Tango Social Club in Montreal. Although he is based in Montreal, Canada he frequently teaches and performs in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Burak will also teach a couple workshops for us. To those of you who are lovers of Nuevo Tango, his workshops are the NOT-TO-Be-Missed events!!  here is a video link of his performance (You can find a lot more videos just by searching his name on youtube):


Robin Thomas from NY is DJing for July 30th Luxe Milonga

We are so lucky to have Robin Thomas DJ our next Luxe Milonga on July 30th! Robin and Portland share a love for each other that has spanned about a decade; we welcome him to our tango community once again with open arms and open ears. Come hear his music at our next event and you’ll be in for a treat!

Robin Graeme Thomas Bio:

Known and respected internationally both as a dancer and DJ, Robin Thomas’ enthusiasm for Argentine tango can be seen most clearly in his wholehearted dedication to teaching. He believes that it is very important for students to dance simply and musically from the very beginning. Building that strong base of connection and musicality early, Robin believes, will allow even very new beginners to feel comfortable and confident on a crowded dance floor and will also lead to a more comprehensive and fluid understanding of more complicated techniques later on. Robin’s teaching style reflects this philosophy, and his students appreciate the humorous but still down-to-earth way he presents the material.Robin is one of the more sought after Tango DJ’s in North America. In addition to his regular milonga in New York, he has been invited to DJ to many successful Tango events in the US, Canada and Europe.

April 30th DJ: Varo Boyajyan from LA!

We are happy to announce that renowned dancer and DJ Varo Boyajyan from Los Angeles for the April 30th Luxe Milonga!

An avid dancer himself, Varo has a deep appreciation for tango music as a crucial part of the overall milonga experience for each dancer.

As a DJ, Varo strives to create a musical atmosphere that inspires dancers and connects with them on the emotional level.

While DJing, Varo is always connected to the dancers–either by observing the energy and the interactions of the dancefloor, or dancing in the middle of it.

In addition to selecting good individual tango songs, Varo pays detailed attention to the structure of the playlist. He comprises the tandas and the relationship of tandas to each other to establish a harmonious flow of the energy, and to develop emotional-energetic contrasts with a tasteful climax and rise that resonate within each dancer.

Varo regularly DJ’s at milongas in Los Angeles and Southern Calfornia. He has DJ’d along with Otros Aires and Narcotango.

Varo is also invited to DJ tango at festivals all over the US.

Past DJ Events:

  • Otros Aires Concert LA 2009
  • Tucson Tango Festival 2009 and 2010
  • San Diego Tango Festival 2010
  • SMITH 2010
  • Palm Springs Traditional and Nuevo Festival 2010
  • East Coast Tango Marathon 2010
  • Narcotango Concert LA 2010
  • Chicago Tango Week 2010
  • Baltimore Tango Festival 2010
  • Albuquerque Tango Festival 2010
  • Ashland Turkey Tango 2010
  • New York – Feb 4-6, 2011

Varos’ tango website link:

About Meng Wang (Feb. 26th DJ)

We are thrilled to have Meng Wang from Vancouver, BC, (a rockstar DJ, performer, and social dancer, formerly of the LA tango community), as our DJ for the our first Portland all-nighter Luxe Milonga!

Meng Wang is a DJ for the dancers. Being a very active social dancer himself, he takes pride in providing rhythm, energy as well as emotional depth to the dancers on the floor. His early DJ influence came from none other than the two maestros of musicality, Horacio Godoy and Chicho Frumboli; both spent a lot of time lecturing Meng on how to play the right music for the dance floor when he first started DJing.

Meng Wang has been the DJ for major tango festivals such as the Los Angeles SMITH Tango Festival as well as Palm Spring Tango Festival. In 2011, he is also scheduled to DJ for Vantango Festival and Tango Live Festival in Vancouver.