Luxe Milonga — the new all-night milonga in Portland! Come join Remanda Xiang and Jenna Rohrbacher at this fresh, modern, and fun event!

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Volunteer Wanted for Oct.29th Luxe Costume-Longa

Oct 29th Luxe Milonga’s Costume-Longa is looking for volunteers as below. Please contact Remanda via facebook(facebook account: Remanda xiang), email@ or post comment on this post to let me know which position you’d like to volunteer for. Thank you for your support in advance!!

5 Volunteers for set up & cleanup:
Some portion of set up will occur on Oct.28th night after 9pm.
Some portion of setup will occur between 10:45-11:00pm on Oct.29th.
Cleanup will occur right after event. You are expected to help with all of this mentioned.
In exchange for full admission to Oct 29th Costume-longa event.

3 Volunteers for receptionist:
1hr at reception table to make sure apporiate sign in, capture correct payment information, clean accounting when transfering to next receptionist when time is due;
In exchange for half admission to event

1-2 Volunteers for Photographer:
For taking pictures throughout event. All picture taken will be submit to Luxe milonga. We will credit yourwork but we will have free usage of all the pictures.
In exchange for full admission to event

 Looking forward to working with all of you to create this exotic night of experience at Luxe milonga’s  halloween constume-longa!!


Luxe Milonga New Venue: Lenora’s Ballroom

It has been an exciting thing for Luxe milonga to find this new venue as new home at Lenora’s ballroom!

Lenaro’s Ballroom is located on the 3rdfloor of the prestigious Melody Ballroom in downtown Portland. It offers a warm, spacious ballroom, loaded with 1,800 square feetof hardwood floors, a full kitchen, and a lounge room. It is a beautiful renovated dance space. Vintage Charm, New sound system. To those of you who have been attending past Portland festivals, you probably have been to this space for one of the afternoon alternative Milonga.

Live Orchestra, Performance, Oriental Food & Costume Contest Prizes. For full event details for Oct.29th Luxe Milonga presents: Costume-longa All-Nighter . Click
Luxe Milonga website:
Facebook page: “Luxe milonga- Portland Only All-nighter Milonga”